Accessibility Plan

Accessibility Plan

Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (AODA)

The Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act 2005 requires public and private sectors to comply with legislations concerning this act. The goal of this act is to achieve a fully accessible Ontario by 2025, and to ensure that persons with disabilities have equal opportunity when using services in Ontario. The core principles of the legislation are independence, dignity, integration and equal opportunity.

Alexandra Marine and General Hospital (AMGH) is committed to the continual improvement of access to the hospital's premises, facilities, and services click to view the link to Accessibility-Multi Year Plan; and provision of quality services to patients, visitors, staff, and all members of the community with disabilities.

AMGH is committed to supporting a culture that promotes a positive and safe environment for the hospital community that reflects our values of integration, community, accountability, respect, and excellence. We will provide our services in a manner that respects the dignity and independence to all customers. The provision of services to persons with disabilities will be integrated wherever possible. Persons with disabilities will be given an opportunity equal to that given to others, to obtain, use or benefit from services provided by and on behalf of AMGH. Learn more about the link to Accessibility - Commitment Policy

Customer Service

Below are 6 links to AMGH policies pertaining to accessibility:

Availability of Documents and Requests for Documents in Alternate Formats

All documents required under the Accessibility Standards shall be made available to the public upon request. When providing any documentation to a person with a disability, AMGH shall do so in a manner and a format that takes in to account the persons disability, and will be in a format agreed upon between the requester and AMGH.

Emergency Response Procedures

The hospital has a number of Emergency Procedures and plans that may affect the public. These procedures are posted in our waiting areas and public areas, and are included in our Patient Services Directory.

Our staff have responsibilities within these policies and procedures that address the safe care and protection of the public during these events. Our staff will direct/assist the public in responding to the procedures. These policies and procedures shall also be made available to the public upon request in an agreed upon format that takes in account the persons disability. Click on the following link to view the Accessibility - Emergency Response Procedures for the Public.

Click on the following link to view Emergency Codes - An Important Notice For Your Safety.


Please direct any questions or requests for documents to Meribeth Vlemmix, Director of Facilities and Capital Projects / Chair of Accessibility Advisory Committee, 519-524-8689, Ext 5722 or