Speech Language Therapy

Speech Language Therapy

Service Summary

The Speech Language Pathology department provides services to children (0-5years) through SmallTalk (the Pre-School speech language Initiative) and to inpatient adults (communication & swallowing) and to out-patient adult clients with dysphagia (swallowing) voice and/or fluency disorders

Our Care Team consists of one F.T Speech language Pathologist (SLP) and a part-time (2 days per week) Communicative Disorders Assistant (CDA). The CDA provides services to the Pediatric population only.



519-524-8689 Ext: 5640


8am-4pm Monday to Friday

Picture-Speech-Dawn, Finola and Student

Referral Process

All Pediatric referrals must be processed through the central data base of Smalltalk (1-866-333-7716) or 519-272-8216 and can be parent directed. The wait list for first initial assessment is approximately 6 to 8 weeks. Adult referrals are by Medical referral only.

Preparing for your visit

Please register on 2nd floor using your health card for your initial assessment. After the first visit registration is not required. Please bring your completed SmallTalk case history forms or other case history and medication history with you to the first visit.

After your visit

Further appointments will be scheduled at the end of your assessment session if needed

Additional Resources

Please visit the SmallTalk Website