Obstetrical Services

Obstetrical Services

Service Summary

AMGH provides comprehensive services to obstetrical patients in Huron County. We provide care to women throughout their obstetrical journey including:

Antenatal care

Care that is provided from the time that conception is confirmed until the beginning of labour. This period of care focuses on the following:

  • Developing a partnership with each woman and providing a holistic approach to care based on individual needs   
  • Early detection of complications and prompt treatment
  • Education and preparation for parenthood
  • Preparing each woman for labour, lactation and care of her newborn
  • Promoting the best possible health for each woman and her unborn child
  • Routine testing and check ups     

If/when necessary AMGH can also provide the following to expectant mothers:

  • Bed rest with nursing care
  • Blood pressure and blood glucose monitoring     
  • Early labour assessments and nonstress testing
  • Fetal heart rate monitoring
  • Ultrasound


Intrapartum care

Care that is provided from the onset of labour until delivery. We are classified as a Level 1a facility. At AMGH we have access to an obstetrician, GP obstetricians, anaesthesia and general surgeons. Depending on each individual’s situation and condition we may refer a laboring mom to a partner organization, such as London or Stratford. Our priority is the health and safety of our patients and their unborn children. In most cases, we are able to determine the need to do this prior to the onset of active labour.



Pain Relief Options in Labour at AMGH 


Postpartum care

Care that is provided immediately following birth until discharge home. The newborn will room in with mom during this time. During this time the nursing staff will focus on the new moms recovery from birth and health teaching. Health teaching includes newborn care, post-delivery self-care and breast feeding your infant.

Newborn Care

This is the care provided to each newborn from time of delivery until the time of discharge home. The nursing staffs provide comprehensive assessments of each newborn throughout their stay and administer routine care. Health teaching is a critical part of this time period to assure the new parents have all the information they need to safely discharge home.


his is a picture of proud parents taking their newborn baby homeOccasionally, newborns require a higher level due to complications that may arise. AMGH will promptly facilitate a nurse accompanied transfer (and doctor if necessary) to a facility that can meet the needs of the infant. Typically this would involve Stratford or London. Once the infant is stable, we welcome them back to our facility to meet any ongoing needs.


Alexandra Marine and General Hospital is pleased to be able to provide education to new parents on PURPLE CRYING. It is a new program that helps parents to cope with newborn crying.


RSV & Baby 


Prenatal Clinic

To assist in maintaining Obstetric services at AMGH we have established a Prenatal Clinic located on the second floor of the hospital. Patients may self refer or be referred by their family practitioner.


Dr. N. RIttenhouse, Dr. A. Radan, Dr. S. Natuik, Dr. G. O’Shaughnessy and Marie Greer-King, Nurse Practitioner, with assistance from Dr. J. Moore, will oversee the clinic.

Appointments may be booked Monday to Friday by calling the Ambulatory Clinic Receptionist at 524-8689 ext. 5208 during the hours of 8 am and 4 pm.



AMGH works in collaboration with the Huron midwives


2nd Floor


Contact Number

519-524-8689 ext. 5247