Service Summary

The Physiotherapy staff provide specialized skills in assessment and treatment of referred patients with physical disorders through a knowledge and understanding of body movement, physiotherapeutic treatment techniques and patient education. Physiotherapists are an integral part of the health care team whose combined aim is to return the patient to their optimal level of function.


The Department's primary focus is physiotherapy for inpatients at the hospital. Therapists participate as part of the multidisciplinary team to provide quality-driven, patient-focused care.


Referrals to outpatient physiotherapy are limited to the conditions outlined below for 1) patients who live in the Maitland Valley Medical Centre (MVMC) catchment area and 2) for patients who have a Maitland Valley Medical Centre (Goderich) physician but may live outside the MVMC catchment area.


The following is a list of conditions that will be accepted for outpatient physiotherapy:

  • CVA
    • new onset
  • Post op surgeries and recent fractures
    • with no previous follow up from the HULC, CCAC or other agency/hospital for therapy
  • Recurring joint or spinal injury
    • no previous physiotherapy intervention
  • Soft tissue injury, Acute joint injury, Acute spinal pain
    • new onset less than 8 weeks
  • Staff and their immediate family members
  • WSIB


Unfortunately, we are unable to accept referrals for other conditions at this time. Patients with other conditions should be referred to community physiotherapy clinics.


Outpatients who cancel three (3) scheduled appointments or fail to show for two (2) appointments will be discharged from physiotherapy services and the ordering practitioner will be notified



Comfortable, loose fitting clothing should be worn for your appointment.


Notification of a cancellation of an appointment should be done 48 hours prior if possible.



519-524-8689 Ext 5643