Pharmacy Services

Pharmacy Services

Service Summary

The Pharmacy provides drug dispensing and distribution services for all inpatients. Medications are dispensed using a computerized drug distribution system with barcode verification of medication prior to patient administration.

Pharmacy services also include medication order review, consultation on physician request, profile preparation and review, medication monitoring, drug interaction checks, and staff and physician and patient education.


Our Care Team

Our Care Team includes Pharmacy Technicians and Pharmacists who are medication experts committed to excellence in medication management and high quality, safe patient care.




519-524-8689 ext. 5420


Monday - Friday 0800-1900

Saturday-Sunday/Statutory Holidays 0800-1600

Note – Pharmacy team members are available 24/7 to members of the AM&GH healthcare team to facilitate access to medication and medication information to ensure high quality, safe patient care.

Preparing for your visit

The physicians and staff of the AM&G Hospital request that clients bring all current medications to the hospital for Emergency Room visits, pre-operative clinics and planned admissions. To provide the best care possible the healthcare team must know about all medications taken. This includes drugs taken with a doctor's prescription. It also includes other medicines purchased without a prescription such as:

  • food suppplements
  • herbs and herbal remedies
  • vitamins
  • other over the counter or non-prescription medicine

On occasion, it may be necessary for clients to continue to use their own medication supply while in hospital. Examples include birth control tablets, Didrocal ® Kits, nasal sprays, eye drops, inhaled medications, vitamin and herbal products, and nicotine replacement therapy that are ordered to continue while in hospital.


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